Wilderness Skills, Nature Connection & Ecological Stewardship Wrapped in Lots of Adventure and Play

At Vilda, we strengthen our connections to the natural world. We spend time outdoors with our hands in the dirt and feet on the ground. We plant trees, clear brush, look for frogs, eat wild plants, make a fire by friction or dye a shirt with berries. We learn real skills that allow us to remember that we truly are an important part of this landscape. The kids in our programs experience hands-on that they can make a positive difference in the world.


We like to think of our camps as an outdoor summer vacation adventure. We blend plenty of unstructured time outdoors with an expert crew of adult instructors sharing wilderness skills and naturalist knowledge. We offer week-long day camps with half-day (4-6yrs) and full-day (6-12yrs) options, as well as overnight trips. 

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Our youth programs facilitate place-based experiences that create lasting memories and connect the group to a deep well of ancient wisdom often lost in our modern world.  There is so much learning that happens by simply playing outdoors.  We enter a timeless, boundaryless classroom where each plant and animal is a teacher, each path a lesson and each muddy footstep an adventure. Learn more about our school year programs here.


Ages 6 to Adult • Offered Monthly
Come learn the basics of archery from safety to form in a fun, outdoor environment. Our certified instructors will help you develop your skills and confidence on the range. This basic class is appropriate for beginners as well as those who haven't picked up the bow in a while. 
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What a gift. I see changes and expansion in my children that can only be experienced.
They are wide open and noticing nature so much more.
— Katie, parent of two 7 year-old girls
Vilda is officially my son’s favorite camp ever!
— -Ethan, parent of a 9-year old boy