CO-ED, Ages 13-16


This program is designed to empower teens with self-sufficiency both from the perspectives of backpacking and survival skills, as well as the skill-set and mindset for being a leader in our times. Beyond the aim of developing competence in tending one's own needs for shelter, fire, water, and food, we also strive to cultivate mindfulness and a personal connection to nature as a source not only of sustenance, but of inspiration as well. Together, community building and cultivating friendships from our own authenticity becomes both play and challenge. We will work together to build cohesion and bonds that go far beyond the backcountry.  

We will explore the ecology of the mountains, using nature awareness practices to connect to place, as well as the ecology of leadership, using the group as a context for exploring our own gifts and our truth. There will be a balance between hiking and relaxing, talking and silence, group time and solo time. Inspiration, confidence, and a deeper sense of self, all grounded in a relationship to nature inside and out, are our goals for the youth.

Instructor: Spencer Nielsen

In addition to our core curriculum, this camp may include:

  • Wild Edible & Medical Plant ID & Use
  • Solo Time & Opportunity for Artistic Expression
  • Peacemaker Principles
  • Non-Violent Communication
  • Way of Council
  • Ecological Leadership
  • Scout Games & Practices
  • Nature Awareness Skills
  • Animal Tracking & Bird Language
  • Fire by Friction & Fire Tending
  • Orienteerings with Map & Compass
  • Aid-less Navigation & "Lost-Proofing"
  • Backpacking & Camping Skills
  • Wilderness Safety & "Leave No Trace" Ethics


Nature Awareness Skills

Air: Nature Awareness and Bird Language
Fire: Wilderness safety
Water: Navigating the land, ecological indicators
Earth: Tracking, Orienteering, Leave No Trace ethics


Leadership Skills

Air: Council, Storytelling, Poetry, Music
Fire: Cultivating our passions, finding our medicine, giving our gifts
Water: Peacemaking, Non-violent communication
Earth: Grounding and centering practices


Ancestral Skills

Air: Archery, atl-atl, Bow-making
Fire: Fire Making, Blacksmithing
Water: Basketry, Felting
Earth: Pottery, Tracking

Survival Skills

Air: Shelter - debris huts for survival
Fire: Fire - making fire by friction
Water: Water - finding and purifying
Earth: Food - edibles and medicinals


Backpacking skills

Air: Tarp-craft & knots
Fire: Fire making/tending and stove use
Water: Water purification
Earth: Backcountry cooking



  • SUMMER 2018 - Sierra Backpacking Trip
    For ages 13-16
    4 Nights

    Mon, July 23th (10am) - Fri, July 27th (4pm)



Rate A: $925
Rate B: $800
Rate C: $725

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Please note: We will be unable to provide refunds for cancelations in this program. 

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