For boys ages: 10-13

A unique chance to join some of our most experienced instructors on four camping and skills trips in the wild lands of Marin County. From star-gazing to sun-dials, we immerse ourselves in natural rhythms as we let songbirds be our alarm clocks and the fire our stove.

We practice the way of the scout, connecting deeply with the land, each other, and ourselves. We establish our core routines of tracking, nature awareness and story telling. We learn about Marin’s ecosystems and flora and fauna through adventure. 

CAMP Schedule

  • February 25-26 • (Saturday 10am to Sunday 2pm)
    Fire Making & Tending: Hand drill and bow drill, cooking with fire

  • March 25-26 • (Saturday 10am to Sunday 2pm) 
    Archery and Quickie-Bow Making • @ Tara Firma Farms, Petaluma

  • April 11-12 • (Tuesday 10am to Wednesday 2pm)
    Kayaking & Coastal Wildlife • @ China Camp

  • May 6-7 • (Saturday 10am to Sunday 2pm)
    Intermediate Tracking, Edibles and Medicinals - Foraging and Medicine Making @ TBD


Instructors: Spencer Nielsen & Mia Andler

Ages: 10-13 year old boys

Dates: February 25-26, March 25-26, April 11-12, May 6-7

Notes: 4 Camping Trips, Available by camp

Locations: See camp schedule above


This camp is available by single camp, or with a discount for all four.


Per Camping Trip: $300

Please read an explanation of our pricing tiers before you submit your registration.

Payment plan available when registering for all 4 trips. Scholarships are available.  Contact us for more information.