Fundraising GOALS

Scholarship Fund

Fundraising Goal: $20,000

We are committed to our programs being accessible to all children and families regardless of socio-economic status. We expect the amount of needed scholarships to increase to in 2017. Our regular scholarship recipients span the spectrum as parent in Marin struggle find financial balance.

Our silent auction will benefit the Vilda scholarship fund. In addition we are looking for the following donations to make scholarships possible for the following high need programs:

Elemental Quest - Rites of passage program for teens and Tweens - $10,000
Pup Pack Nature Day - Nature programs for ages 4-6 - $2500
Dirt Time Homeschool - $2000

A single donation of $450 will make it possible for a child in need to attend a week of summer camp.

Young Stewards in Parks Program

Fundraising Goal: $10,000

It is more important than ever to educate our community and children to be stewards of the land. Our public parks and open spaces are struggling for funds to maintain their trails and manage the land in a way that is sustainable into the future.

With the current environmental issues being of such magnitude we find that children often see humans as destroyers rather than stewards of the land. It can be overwhelming for children and adults alike to know how to participate in nature in a helpful way. At Vilda we show our youth how they can truly have a positive impact on the land while also having fun. Every small gesture and project we do counts both in real tangible impact and also in enhancing each child’s ability to see themselves as a helpful part of nature. We believe that the knowledge of how to help mixed with having a truly enjoyable time outdoors will create a next generation of land stewards.

Vilda’s goal is to build an ongoing collaboration with local parks. We currently give children and their families a meaningful hands on role in invasive species removal and restoration. But we plan to evolve be even more to be supportive in ongoing land management through our teams of kids and families.

Project Goals:

  • Purchase appropriate gloves and equipment to increase variety of projects we can do
  • Continue getting staff the appropriate training with each park unit we work with
  • Continue working on current sites at Samuel P Taylor park
  • Identify invasive species sites at China Camp State Park that are family friendly to work on and create volunteer days within programs and on weekends to adopt these areas
  • Get staff trained to process data and install wildlife cameras with One Tam and Marin Parks so that our groups can be responsible for cameras that contribute data to the wildlife monitoring projects of the area
  • Collaborate with SPAWN and identify ways we can be helpful during salmon spawning season
  • Collaborate with Marin Parks and Open Space to identify how we can helpful on their lands
  • Team up with other local organizations such as Hungry Owl Project, WildCare and other nature education organizations in the Bay Area to create educational outreach and information events and materials available in our parks
  • Bring a fun educational element to parks restoration days to increase community attendance
  • Teach permaculture and land restoration skills to kids
  • Create educational displays and species lists with our students where appropriate
  • Create a stewardship badge for kids

Making these projects a reality in our park lands continues to take countless hours of collaborative meetings and staff training. Many of the family programs are free to participants. We are looking for a donation of $10,000 to make this project possible next year. One donation of $1,000 will make it possible to continue a project at a site. We are looking for 5 donations of $1,000 to make it possible for us to do projects at: Lake Lagunitas, China Camp State Park, Samuel P Taylor and Marin Parks next year.

Tara Firma Farm Site Improvements

Fundraising Goal: $20,000

We are so excited to announce that we will be offering programs at Tara Firma Farm this year. We have been dreaming of a site like this for years and now it is here. This is a 250 acre organic farm that includes two ponds, a wonderful creek to play around, multiple shelter spaces, cows, pigs, horses, goats, chickens, space for an archery range and so much more. And it's only a 30 minute drive from Fairfax and San Rafael. Amazing!

We have big visions for the future of an organic kid friendly food forest, a petting zoo and so much more. We want to start with the following:

  • Create an archery course with a shade structure and safe targets and boundaries
  • Improve the safety and aesthetic of the barn area
  • Install a waterproof yurt classroom
  • Improve the water quality of the pond through bioremediation techniques to make swimming possible


This has been a tremendous growth year for Vilda. We have become our own non-profit and increased our program size considerably. We are so glad to be reaching more people and to have more possibilities. Growth has also been costly and we need your help in order to continue our current programs.


Please invite friends and family to join us! Download and share the Vilda Fall Fundraiser invitation HERE


We are looking for gift certificates and services, but may also be able to accept some premium items ($100+ value). Click HERE to donate for the silent auction.

Other ways to help

If you want to help, but cannot make it to our Fall Fundraiser at the Farm, you can make a tax-deductible donation to help us reach our goals with the following link.