Gratitude is central to everything we teach at Vilda.  This vital practice brings us into the present moment, builds our relationships in community and to the wild world, and even improves our mental health.  

We wish to honor our colleagues, teachers, and the teachers of teachers who have paved the way for nature connection education today.  Among those who have influenced our work are Jon Young, Penny Livingston and James Stark, Tom Brown Jr., Martin Prechtel, Tony Deis, and Sky Snyder.  We have also learned from the work of the Wilderness Youth Project, the Wilderness Awareness School, the International Scouting Movement, and Waldorf Schools.   

Additionally, we wish to acknowledge the generous contributions of individuals and local businesses to benefit our nature programs for kids and grow our scholarship fund.  


  • Amy and David Luper
  • Angel Lance
  • David and Rachel Levitt
  • Jay Hamilton-Roth


Finally, thank you to all those that attend our programming and spread the word about our work.  We quite literally could not do it without you.