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Come learn the skills and create the bonds that connect us to our land and prepare us for bigger nature adventures together. This nature club is designed for girls ages 10-14 who want to practice their nature skills in the company of friends. We will do nature based crafts, learn how to read maps, tie knots, learn about local animals, make medicine and food with plants and much more. The club is designed to go hand in hand with optional weekend and holiday camping trips that give context for our skills. It's also a great way for girls to gain the confidence to go camping with friends and have their own nature adventures.

Why just girls? Sometimes we find that girls this age like to focus on slightly different things than the boys. We also notice that having a group of just girls can bring out aspects of the girls that don't come out otherwise and build confidence in skills in a more effective way. Of course all who identify themselves as girls are welcome. 

In addition to our core curriculum this program may include:

  • Earth based crafts

  • Firemaking

  • Leadership Skills

  • Wilderness Survival

  • Naturalist Studies

Interested but location or time doesn't work for you? Let us know, it may be possible to start another group.

Vilda Girls: Nature Club for Girls Ages 10-14 - FAIRFAX

  • When: Thursdays 3:45-5:45pm

  • Who: Girls Ages 10-14
    (We welcome any 10-14 year olds who identify as girls)

  • Spring Session: 16 Weeks: Aug 30 - Dec 20, 2018 (Off Nov 22)
    (Even if registration is closed, it may be possible to join us. Contact us)

  • Tuition: $495
    Monthly payment plan and Scholarships available.

(Even if registration is closed, it may be possible to join us. Contact us)