Vilda Nature Day for Ross Valley Charter School

Ages 6-12 / Fairfax


Join us for a day of free range fun and nature connection. Through games, exploration, observation, and play we will get to know the plants and animals of our extended back yard. Our experienced mentors will lead small groups of children in foraging plants, following tracks, scout games, and caring for the land in the Loma Alta Open Space Preserve right next to Ross Vally Charter School


What a gift. I see changes and expansion in my children that can only be experienced.
They are wide open and noticing nature so much more.
— Katie, parent of two 7 year-old girls

Camilla in tree.png


Who: Ages 6-12
For Ross Valley Charter School students only
When:  Monday, March 12, 9am-3pm

Where: Fairfax
Drop-off/Pick-up: Ross Valley Charter School
Tuition (Sliding Scale):
Rate A: $100
Rate B: $87
Rate C: $72

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