Down to Earth Skills and Nature Awareness

Ages 6-11 / SAN RAFAEl


Join our nature based village for hands on skills and outdoor fun. We follow our curiosities to learn down to earth skills from adults who are skilled in their field. We track animals in the brush, water tomatoes in the garden, build a birdhouse in the carpentry room and cool off sitting in the shade of the oak trees working on crafts. We notice what our friends are doing as we pass by and perhaps try a new skill the next day. Projects and adventure are balanced with rest, story and timeless play.

The lovely oak shaded campus of Marin Waldorf School and adjacent open spaces serve as our learning playground for this long awaited camp. The camp is Waldorf compatible but open to everyone.

In addition to our core curriculum this camp may include:

  • Carpentry Safety & Projects

  • Organic Gardening

  • Healthy Cooking Projects

  • Local Flora & Fauna

  • Natural Dyes

  • Ecological Arts & Crafts

  • Animal Tracking

  • Fire by Friction

  • Scout Games & Practices

  • Mapping

  • Wild Edibles

  • and more...

A bustling earth based village awakens to a new day. The carpenter raises his hammer, the farmer tends the field, the healer gathers plants in the hills and the hunter follows the trail of a buck. An idyllic yet strangely familiar village scene perhaps of the past. But this particular village is unique, its first commitment is to the children. The adults are there first and foremost to help the children learn their skills to ensure they are passed to the future generations. These adults know that these simple earth based skills are needed and that their traditions are precious. The children’s natural curiosities are gently nurtured into competency and pride. All in balance with the natural rhythms and dance of the world and the children’s connection to it. This village camp is a seed of this vision, with your help it can grow.
— Mia Andler, Vilda Founding Director


Rates (Per session):

Rate A: $460
Rate B: $395
Rate C: $350

Please read an explanation of our pricing tiers before you submit your registration.

Scholarships are available.  Contact us for more information. Find answers to common questions.


Ages: 6-11
Marin Waldorf School campus & surrounding open space, San Rafael
Times: 9am - 3pm Daily

Multiple weeklong sessions are offered throughout the summer, so you can pick and choose the dates that work best with your schedule. Click the links below to register.

I just want to let you know how much our little girl loved her week at camp. After just the first day, she told me how much she loves birds, and told me lots of types of birds. She was also noticing all sorts of things like how a pond sparkled or how a tree looked. At the end of the week, I asked her what her favorite part of the camp was. She replied, “EVERYTHING”. I could not be happier with all she seemed to have learned, especially a renewal of her confidence and connection to herself and her world.
I hope she will be able to do more Vilda camps.
— Marian H, Mother of Katie