We accept payment from the following charter schools:
Heartwood Educational Collaborative, Pathways & Summit Academy
Please read our policies and instructions below for each school and contact us if you have any questions.

Summit Academy - Charter School Policy

Greetings Summit Academy families. We accept payments via Summit Academy, here are some guidelines and terms of use:

Terms of use:

Please make sure these terms of use work for you before using Summit for Vilda programs. We know Summit provides a valuable service for families and we're hoping that we can to continue to accept payment from them. If these terms do not work for you, you may consider using Pathways charter or Heartwood charter schools. We also offer payment plans if you'd like to just pay for the tuition yourself.

1. If you intend to use Summit Academy funds to pay for your child's entire tuition at a Vilda program, we must receive a purchase order (PO) from Summit Academy before your child can attend the program. This is a restriction placed on us by Summit. However, if you want to pay for the first month of the program yourself, your child can attend assuming we receive a PO for the remainder from Summit before the month you've paid for is over. To help ensure that Summit sends us a PO in a timely manner, please notify them that you intend to use your available funds for the Vilda program as early as possible and stress to them that it's critical that we receive the PO as soon as possible.

2. Ultimately, you are responsible for making sure that we receive payment for the program your child is enrolled in. If for any reason Summit does not pay, you will have to. In some scenarios we may ask that you supply us with a credit card number or post date check to use in the event that we end up having trouble obtaining payment from Summit. If this occurs we will notify you before placing charges on said credit card on file or deposited post-dated checks.

3. If Summit is slow to send us POs, we may ask you to contact them and help ensure that they send us POs. 

How to use Summit funds with Vilda:

After selecting the program you'd like to enroll your child in:

1. Contact your child's Summit teacher immediately and make sure that they will send us a PO for your child's tuition as soon as possible.

2. Register your child in the program using our registration service (please note: we are no longer using a code for Summit registrations). Choose the "pay by check" option when at the payment section of checkout and complete the checkout. If you are registering late or think that Summit may not be able to send a PO in time before the program starts, please contact us to make special arrangements. For late registrations we may need you to cover the initial period of the program yourself. Unfortunately this first month payment is not refundable.

3. As soon as we start receiving payments from Summit you will see the payments show up in your account.

If you have any questions or need help, contact us