A homeschool biology class in nature's classroom

We are very excited for this new class that combines the outdoor learning and ecological values of Vilda with a traditional biology class. This is a chance to explore our local environment through a scientific lens with the experienced guidance of Vilda Instructor and biology buff Erin Haugen. We use nature as a laboratory learning from principles of biology and ecology and study the diversity and interactions of plants, animals and microorganisms in their natural environments. We then use our findings as well as current environmental data to design environmental solutions. And true to a Vilda program we approach it through a lens of fun, deep respect for the natural environment and ability to learn from the wisdom of earth based cultures. This is a chance for kids to be a part of using science stories to change the world.

This class may include:

  • Using 3rd-6th grade biology curriculum in a natural environment
  • Naturalist knowledge development
  • Flora and fauna of Marin county
  • Learning habits of field study and scientific inquiry
  • Investigating form and function
  • Growth and development of organisms
  • Matter and energy in organisms and ecosystems
  • Interdependent relationships in ecosystems
  • Natural selection and adaptations
  • Keeping a field journal of findings
  • Writing letters of recommendation for the health of the land based on scientific findings
  • Environmental stewardship

This program meets at a central location in San Rafael and travels to different eco-systems around Marin County each week, from oak woodlands, to coastal bluffs and beaches.

PLEASE NOTE: This class is most appropriate for children aged 9-12 who are interested in deepening their naturalist knowledge and can focus on more scientific material. This class will not include as much time for play, games, hiking, social learning, story or wilderness skills as our typical classes. It is more academic in nature and is best for children who are ready for that level of focus. It is not a more advanced version of our regular programs however, if you are looking for that check out our Firekeepers and Wildflowers camp outs. The focus of this class is different from our other programs, it is intended to help satisfy homeschool biology requirements in an outdoor setting. With all that said, it is also intended to be fun.


  • When: Thursdays, 9:30am - 3:30pm / 16 Weeks: Aug 30 - Dec 20, 2018 (Dates off: Nov 22)
  • Where: San Rafael, CA
  • Who: Ages 9-12
  • Tuition: EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT: Register by August 1st, 2018 and SAVE
    Early bird price: $1350
    After August 1st: $1484
  • Payment plan and scholarships are available. 
  • Want to try a day first? Contact us.

(Even if registration is closed, signing up mid-session may be possible. Contact us)