Wilderness Skills, Nature Connection & Ecological Stewardship Wrapped in Lots of Adventure and Play

At Vilda, we strengthen our connections to the natural world. We spend time outdoors with our hands in the dirt and feet on the ground. We plant trees, clear brush, look for frogs, eat wild plants, make a fire by friction or dye a shirt with berries. We learn real skills that allow us to remember that we truly are an important part of this landscape. The kids in our programs experience hands-on that they can make a positive difference in the world.

Vilda offers summer camps, after school programs, backpacking trips, homeschool programs, specialty workshops and more.


Adventure stealthily through the woodlands in search of animals, plants and mysteries. Learning about the ancient skills of those who know the ways of the earth.


Befriend the beaches and the water. Moving at times on foot in search of tracks in the sand and at times by kayak learning the ways of the water and the wind.


Tend the land on an organic farm. Make connections to where our food comes from and learn the skills of farmers and ranchers.


Thrive as an important part of an earth based village. Learn hands on skills like carpentry, gardening and ecological crafts in the company of friends and expert adults.  Click HERE to find out more about Vilda Village.


It may be possible to join the following school year programs even after they have started. Contact us to find out:

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What a gift. I see changes and expansion in my children that can only be experienced.
They are wide open and noticing nature so much more.
— Katie, parent of two 7 year-old girls
Vilda is officially my son’s favorite camp ever!
— -Ethan, parent of a 9-year old boy