We accept payment for spring and fall Vilda programs (but not summer) from the following charter schools:

Please note, we are not accepting payment from the following charters (until further notice):


Please read our policies and instructions below and contact us if you have any questions.

Please read these terms carefully as using charter school funds with Vilda adheres you to these terms.

Terms of use:

1. You are ultimately responsible for your child's tuition with us. If for any reason your charter does not or can not pay us, we will require payment from you.

2. If charter school funds are your chosen form of payment, we must have a purchase order (PO) from them, in our hands, by the first day of the program. 

3. If three months go by from the start of your program month without payment from your charter, we will require payment for that time span from you. If your charter ends up paying for that portion before the end of the session, and you end up with a credit on your account, you can then request a refund.

4. If you are registering late or think that your charter may not be able to send POs in time before your program starts, please contact us to make special arrangements. For such cases, we will need you to cover the initial period of the program yourself. If your charter ends up fully paying for the program and you end up with a credit on your account, you can then request a refund from us.

5. To help ensure that your charter school sends us POs in a timely manner, please notify them that you intend to use your available funds for your Vilda program as early as possible and stress to them that it's critical that we receive POs as soon as possible.

6. It is your responsibility to make sure your charter sends POs for the correct amount.

How to use CHARTER SCHOOL FUNDS with Vilda:

After selecting the program you'd like to enroll your child in:

1. Let your charter school know immediately and make sure that they will send us a purchase order (PO) for your child's tuition as soon as possible. We will send you a courtesy notification email when we receive POs from your charter. Please double check when you receive this email to make sure the POs we received are the amount you requested.

2. Register your child for their program in our registration service. During registration, make sure you select the correct option for their charter. Paying by charter will add a $10 fee per registration (we require this to help us cover the extra time our staff dedicates to charter schools). Please note - this is added to your program tuition.

Please note: you do not need to select a payment plan to use charter funds.

3. Choose the “Pay in Full” option at check out and then the "Check or Money Order" payment option when at the and complete the checkout.

4. As soon as we start receiving payments from your charter school, you will receive payment receipt emails from us, and you’ll see the payments applied to your account.

If you have any questions or need help, contact us! 


This policy is just for School Year Programs paid by charter school funds. To view our full policy, click HERE.

If you cancel 15 days (or more) before your program starts, you will receive a full refund minus a $20 administrative fee (that must be paid by the family - charters will most likely not pay this). After that, to cancel, we require one month’s notice, or if you want to cancel immediately, we will require the following month of tuition. We highly recommend that you contact us first if you wish to cancel (before notifying your charter).


I requested a purchase order a long time ago and it still hasn’t arrived. What’s going on?:
Sometimes charter schools get behind in issuing POs, but also every now and then a PO request gets lost in the pipeline. If you’re getting worried, try reaching out to your charter school teacher/education specialist.

My PO arrived a long time ago, why haven’t any payments been applied to my account?
Many charter schools issues POs by month and only allow us to invoice for them after the month is complete. They then have 30 days to send payment. In such cases, this means that we cannot invoice for January until February. So payment for January, in some cases, won’t arrive until late February or early March. If you’re concerned about a payment, feel free to check in with us.