Counselor In Training (CIT) ProgRam

Ages 13 - 17 • An internship in Nature Education & Mentoring for Youth

Do you enjoy working with children outdoors? Are you interested in learning more about nature education, wilderness skills, animal tracking, kayaking and more? Younger campers love having an older tween or teen to connect with and look up to as an example. 

As a CIT, you get to be yourself, while engaging younger children to play, explore, and connect. We will facilitate ways for you to do all of this, while keeping in mind, safety, conflict resolution and inclusion. We will teach you some mentoring tricks as well as help you discover gifts you naturally have that can make you a better counselor.

Our CIT program includes a full day of training on how to be a leader for young children and will cover safety and identifying hazards, leading games and activities, and helping group dynamics.

Once the training is complete, our directors will assess whether the CIT will be a good fit for this upcoming summer. If the CIT is deemed ready, our volunteer coordinator will work with your schedule to find a week or two you are able to volunteer this summer. Completing the CIT training is no guarantee that you will be a CIT this summer.


In addition to the satisfaction and fun you receive in giving back to your community, as a CIT, you will receive:

  • Daylong training in the basics of Vilda’s approach to mentoring, leadership development, and orientation to camp

  • Training during camp weeks from one of our instructors

  • Experience in nature connection practices and mentoring skills for self and youth

  • Internship credits to volunteers pursuing careers in youth education


  • When (CIT Training Day): Saturday, May 18th, 2019 • 10am-4pm

  • Where (CIT Training Day): Fairfax

  • Who: Ages 13-17

  • Tuition: $70