Free Range: We spend our days roaming freely around the wonderful hills and reservoirs of Marin. We take a welcome break from the boundaries of school yards and ceilings, learning through play and adventure by following our natural curiosities.

All Natural: We are outside all day, all the time, immersing ourselves in nature. We take this immersion very seriously, occasionally rolling around in grass or mud, so be prepared to give your child a shower after a day of camp. We are not afraid to get dirty.

Local: We are based in Fairfax, and our instructors and many of our participants live in Marin County.

Organic: Our curriculum and activities are place based, flowing naturally out of the environment we are in. Our ratios are small enough to cater to the particular needs and curiosities of the group of kids in each camp.

Carbon Friendly: We try our best to be model eco-citizens, we use ecologically sensitive project materials and treat our landscape with great respect. Our camp t-shirts for example, are dyed naturally using local plants or clay. We even counter-act our carbon footprint many weeks by doing a restoration project.

I sometimes feel like we are up against the odds with the mainstream system of learning and social activities that [my son] has trouble navigating. But then I just take a breath and remember how we have already found the place and the people with whom he can feel confident, excel and have so much joy! Thank you Mia and Spencer and all of Vilda for being those people!!
— Parent of a 10 year old boy


We really are quite special. We are a small, local non-profit, committed to this work because we truly value spending time with kids outdoors. Our instructors are highly trained experts in their field who love their work. We are committed to safety and providing an individualistic, enjoyable experience for each child that is more like an outdoor summer vacation adventure than a camp.  Our instructor to student ratio it 1:6 or better. We provide a unique blend of wilderness skills, useful hands-on experiences, creativity and child centered play. Our camp has been running since 2008 with many of our participants coming back year after year.

A Typical day at summer camp

  • 9:00AM - Drop-off and games

  • 9:15AM - Morning circle and gratitude, introduction to the theme of the day

  • 9:30AM - Take off on an adventure in the landscape

  • 10:OOAM - Snack and sharing of nature story

  • 10:30AM - Awareness games

  • 12:00PM - Lunch and story

  • 12:40PM - Ecological Craft or Primitive Skill

  • 2:00PM - Sit spots and journaling

  • 2:30PM - Sharing of stories of the day and closing circle

  • 2:45PM - Games and pick-up

For more info, visit our common questions and answers.

Three Rates: What Should I Pay?

With our very varied economical situations in the Bay Area, families have differing abilities to pay. We want our programs to serve as many children as possible regardless of financial situation.

  • Rate A represents the actual cost of running a camp in this area and is comparable with the rates of several local specialty camps. It funds our long-term goals and work.

  • Rate B covers our basic costs for running this particular camp, but it does not cover our organizational costs.

  • Rate C does not cover the cost of camp and is subsidized by Rate A and donations.

Tiered pricing is available for all of our summer camps, but prices vary for each camp depending on length and the activities offered.  Please see our individual camp listings for pricing information specific to each camp. 

The rate you choose to pay will in no way influence your child's experience at camp. Additional financial assistance is available through our scholarship program